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(206) 622 2010
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Our Organizing Team followed strict ethic guidelines with complete transparent financial handling procedures. All proceeds were collected directly by ticketing company and recipient charities. Compassion Japan Team members did not touch any event proceeds.

100 % tickets revenue were collected directly from attendees by Brown Paper Tickets.

The $67 portion of the $100 ticket price benifit American Red Cross and Tax deductible. 
American Red Cross received a check of $7102 for 106 registered attendees from Brown Paper Tickets.       

The 100% of the silent and live auction proceeds  were directly collected by American Red Cross employee during  and after the event.  
All paid auction items winners and paid attendees will receive tax letters directly from American Red Cross.
All Raffle, raise the paddle and sponsorship donations are directly  collected by, a United States 501C(3) organization. Proceeds will forward  to their Japan Partner JEN, Japan Emergency NGO for relief projects.

All raffle , raise the paddle and sponsorship donors will receive thank you letters and tax receipt directly  from
Sheree Wen, Dorthy Aikens, Willie Aikens
Laurie Oki,  Sheree Wen
Randy Ogada ,winner of Tiffany Necklace
                    Naomi Minegishi , Sheree Wen
           Robert Jankelson, Yumi Abei
Compassion Japan thank to 
Diamond Donors : $5000 and above
Scott & Laurie Oki
Sheree Wen
Yumi Abei & Gary Roberts
Robert Jankelson
Compassion Japan thank to 
Ruby Donors : $4000 and above
Yoshi & Naomi Minegishi
Ron Hosogi
Compassion Japan thank to
Opal Donors : $2500 and above
Junji Oki
Willie & Dorthy Aikens
Mark & Christina Dawson
Christan Scherp
Andrew Taper
Compassion Japan thank to
Sapphire Donors : $1000 and above
Compassion Japan thanks to 
Topaz donor :$500 and above
John Bell
David Lewis
Satoshi Minoshima
Clint Schneider
Thanks to Our Generous Donors,   Compassion Japan Team Raised                               $68,116  
     during the April 26, 2011 Event at Columbia Tower Club.