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About Compassion Japan
Compassion Japan is a joint effort of compassionate community leaders to help people affected by the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear radiation released by the events of March 11, 2011.

We partner with                       for  immediate emergency relief  of the hardship of  at devastated area in Japan.

Compassion Japan  also partner with                           and                 Japan Emergency NGOs for Sustainable Recovery Disaster Relief Programs.  
The American Red Cross is providing financial assistance to the Japanese Red Cross response and relief efforts in Japan. Their efforts include deploying nearly 400 medical teams to provide immediate care, running soup kitchens, using bicycles to make welfare checks and delivering food and relief items and handing out more than 125,000 blankets, 25,000 emergency kits (including portable radios, flashlights and other supplies), 11,000 sleeping sets (including mats and pillows) and 58,000 pieces of clothing to families staying in evacuation centers. is a revolutionary way to help those around the world and next door. With each gift, provides donors the photo and update of the real person their giving helps. By showing people who they're helping and how, makes charitable giving fulfilling and transparent. 
In the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, is partnering with organizations to provide long-term support to survivors. 100% of the raise the paddle donation at Compassion Japan event will go to JEN through their partner
Since 1994,  JEN has been providing Emergency Assistance ,reconstructing Infrastructure, rebuilding livelihood for disaster victims around the world.

JEN has been providing soup kitchens, towels, blankets, clothing, kerosene lanterns for victims since March 11th.  JEN is  expanding their effort  to the next phase of helping people rebuilt  their lives. They are helping neighborhood removing sludge, rebuild houses.  They also focus on Social care for seniors and orphans.